An initiative led by has resulted in the Ekahau Project File (.esx) schema being documented in a graphical interface.

Example of the ESX project schema

An Ekahau project file consists of many JSON files that link together using different IDs. Understanding the mapping of these JSON files is crucial when developing a script to interrogate these JSON files.

As an example (and using the graphic above), to discover the technologies used for a specific measured access point you need to know the following information:

  • Access Point Name
  • Access Point ID
  • Measured Radio ID

We find that most of the time, you begin within the accessPoint.json file. However, you are not limited to starting at this file. There are also JSON files that are not connected with accessPoints.json (project.json for example)

The best way to better understand the schema is to explore it. Head over to and have a look around, and check out the different use cases while you are there.

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