The following link leads to a markmap which I maintain that contains links to the resource hub for DECT-NR+.

Example MarkMap of the DECT-NR+ Resource Hub

DECT-NR+ Primary Specification Resources

Current specifications that are key to the inner workings of DECT-NR+. These are the ETSI documents that describe the protocol at different layers: Physical, MAC, DLC and Convergency. Additionally an Overview is provided and the Radio Reception and Transmission requirements.

DECT-NR+ Additional Specification Resources

More ETSI specifications, but focusing on items that are not covered within the Primary Specifications. This includes application profiles, test specifications, conformance testing.

DECT-NR+ Technical Reports

Technical Reports are also provided by the ETSI organisation and cover studies performed against the specifications. They are identified differently to an ETSI standard (which uses TS in the prefix). A Technical Report has the prefix of TR.

Vendor Webinars

Links to recordings of webinars provided by different vendors or associations. This includes DECT Forum and Nordic Semiconductors.

This page will be updated as more DECT-NR+ resource are discovered. Found a resource not mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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